I am so happy you are here! This all started in August of 2019 when I was praying for a new hobby. I was newly married, recently settled into our home, and as a full time registered nurse I was looking for something to do on my days off! One day I picked up my husband’s iPad and an old stylus we had in our desk drawer and started messing around on adobe sketch! Each day I kept doing it, and I started to really enjoy it. I had always loved art, doodling around, and writing, so this combined many of the things I loved! I was itching for a new creative outlet and I had found it! A week or two into discovering how to do digital art I decided that I wanted to share the art and the words I was writing with others so I created an Instagram page called “wordsaregolden.”

Why the name? Our words can be pure gold. Words have the power to impact, uplift and inspire and I want to use my words to do just that. Also my last name is Golden and at the time I was newly married and stoked on changing my name (haha!).

So here we are almost 2 years into what I thought was going to be a “little hobby” and I think God had bigger plans for Words Are Golden than I could have ever dreamed! So thank you for being a part of this journey!

HI, I'M Allyson golden!

About Me


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I almost ALWAYS have a bouquet of flowers in our house somewhere. They bring me so much joy. Next time you're at the store, buy yourself some flowers - you deserve it!

flower power

I love to eat out and discover new restaurants with my husband & friends! We also love to cook & I LOVE to bake. 


Being in the sunshine brings me so much life. Whether its going for a walk, laying on the beach, or just eating dinner outside, the sun on my skin makes me so happy!

sunshine lover

I am an iced coffee addict. My favorite coffee combo right now is trader joes cold brew concentrate with a splash of coconut creamer! It just screams summer!



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